A couple of years ago I was trying to set up a lunch meeting with someone. When I asked them, they said they really didn't "eat lunch" - for them food was just fuel. I was shocked.

For me, food is an experience. A journey. And a quest. So here are my thoughts. If you eat to live, you may not be interested. If you live to eat, you may find some ideas for places here. I went back to the first of this year, as opposed to diving back multiple years and started there. These are my thoughts on everything except for burgers. They deserve their own page and it is here.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Busy Bee Cafe, Atlanta, GA (April, 2012)

For the last several years, I've seen the Busy Bee Cafe on every list that was made about places to eat in Atlanta.  Since they close at 7:00 pm, they aren't an option for dinner out most nights, but on a random Thursday I was driving through town at 6:00 pm and looking for a place to eat and ended up at the Busy Bee.

When I got there, the place was so packed that I could barely get into the door.   There was a tour bus out front and apparently the entire bus-load was standing just inside the front door.  I did find a spot at the counter.  Every review had raved about the fried chicken, so that's what I ordered.

I thought that everyone there would be eating the fried chicken.  I may have made a mistake in my thinking, as the guy next to me ordered the smoked turkey legs with gravy and was nearly heart-broken when they had sold out.   
So here's the breakdown on the fried chicken: 
  • The chicken was dry  
  • The creamed corn was dry
  • The cornbread was dry

The place was HORRIBLY unorganized.  It took twice as long to pay as it did order and eat.  And it took a while for them to figure out who was going to wait on me.  

Honestly, it was really a big disappointment.  I might try it again some time, but I'm not in a hurry to do so.
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  2. This post is wrong wrong wrong!!! Me and my wife have been going to busy bees for 6 years now and the food is always great. The place is always packed for a reason and its not because the food is cheap because it really isn't. Busy bees is kind of pricey but the fried chicken, mac n cheese and dressing is totally worth it. My wife loves the fried tilapia with the same combo also. The broccoli cheese casserole is good and the cornbread is like grandmas made from scratch recipe (its not for everyone). The uptown drinks are delicious also. The ladies in there know me and my wife when we come and are always friendly but very busy. Overall the person who posted that horrible review harry walster, doesn't know what soul food is because busy bees is the epitome of good ole soul food.

  3. Ibrahim

    I'm glad that you and your wife have enjoyed Busy Bee. That was not my experience. Maybe it was the time of day, but everything was dry. I will try it again, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it based on my experience.

  4. I get it, if the place is unorganized no matter how good the food is, it ruins the mood. meet and greet gatwick